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Bed and Breakfast at Perla di Corso Savoia

Perla di Corso Savoia

Have you ever woken up in an Italian bed and breakfast? I can now officially cross that off my bucket list. Peter and I just stayed at the B&B Perla di Corso Savoia, a beautiful little spot that was recommended to us from a family friend. Even from the other side of the globe I’m… Read more »

Milan Countryside- Stelvio National Park

  Even when you are in a city as beautiful as Milan, it’s nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. So I decided that this weekend would present the perfect opportunity for me to tour some beautiful Italian countryside. I purchased a train ticket to Bianzone which is a small… Read more »

Haunted Hotels London: The Georgian House

The next stop on our tour de creepy in my segment, Haunted Hotels London is none other than the Georgian House Hotel. The buildings have been up since 1851, standing the test of time, one of which, is apparently still hosting some of the ghosts who never left the 19th century. To be honest, it’s… Read more »

Haunted Hotels London: The Cadogan

Today in Haunted Hotels London: I stay at the Cadogan, a spiffy Knightsbridge joint that has a lengthy history and a famous guest who seemed to have never left. This is the place where poor beloved writer, Oscar Wilde was arrested in room 118 and charged with sodomy. Before that whole ordeal happened, Lillie Langtry, the mistress… Read more »

Haunted Hotels London: The Grange Blooms

Next up on my journey of Haunted Hotels London is another West End place. On a much more economically sound note, and after reading some Grange Blooms hotel reviews, I wanted to try this place out. It’s really quaint and adorable, located right near Covent Garden and the British Museum (which is what I’m about to go… Read more »