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Bed and Breakfast at Perla di Corso Savoia

Perla di Corso Savoia

Have you ever woken up in an Italian bed and breakfast? I can now officially cross that off my bucket list. Peter and I just stayed at the B&B Perla di Corso Savoia, a beautiful little spot that was recommended to us from a family friend. Even from the other side of the globe I’m… Read more »

Four Seasons in Milan

four seasons in milan

I’ve relished the opportunity to stay within the Four Seasons in Milan since I began planning my trip. Even though I’ve considered myself a hotel connoisseur for years, it doesn’t take much more than opening the door to your room to understand this is top of the line accommodations. The building itself used to be… Read more »

Weekend Trip to Edinburgh

edinburgh castle review

This weekend I flew to Edinburgh from London, and had an absolute BLAST. The plane ride was only about an hour, which was great, because I am so over flying right now. What can I say about Edinburgh, Scotland? Well it’s absolutely beautiful! The Scottish Highlands were so lush and green, it was pretty unreal…. Read more »

LN-CC Shop

From stepping off a normal East London Street to entering a surreal world that looks plucked right off the scene from a Stanley Kubrick movie, the LN-CC shop is FIERCE. There’s so much geometric asymmetry that somehow makes it look incredible chic and modern. The clothes are held in a gem-like prism of wood and… Read more »