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Amazing Art Installations 2013

lil bub art gallery

In an effort to continue some of these fun end of the year lists, I decided to put together my list of the most amazing art installations 2013. These are art installations and galleries that continue to inspire and intrigue going into the new year, some of my very favorite. Here we go! Burning of… Read more »

Street Art in London

Street art in London, it’s just one of those things that seems to go together so well, just look at Banksy, international prankster and artist. Around here you can find some pretty spectacular pieces, if you know where to look. Due to the CCV cameras and fuzz patrol there isn’t as much as you’d expect,… Read more »

The Best London Museums Round Up

So I waited to post about museums, because there’s so many and they’re usually FREE, so I’ve spent many many hours walking inside these giant buildings and elbowing tourists to get out of the way. I decided to compile a list of my personal favorites in this post of the best London museums. 1. The… Read more »