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Fabric London Review

I had heard about this infamous club years before I even dreamed of coming here, I didn’t even know it was located in London until I arrived here. I decided to go out the other night, despite feeling like total garbage and get my dance on at this epic drug den. My Fabric London review… Read more »

Daft Punk’s Horizon

I finally just listened to the new Daft Punk Record, Random Access Memories, because I’ve been so busy! I was…sort of impressed. I’m not huge on a lot of that 70’s kraut or funk, and I guess I’ve been listening to them for so long I have associated them with a particular sound. Which leads… Read more »

Field Day Festival in Victoria Park 2013

So excited for Field Day Fest 2013! After Lana Del Rey at Hammersmith, I’m ready for a less emotional music experience, so this Saturday I’m going to be hanging out in Victoria Park with my lady friends getting my dance on! The Field Day Festival in Victoria Park 2013 is a one day event with… Read more »

Eating Cheap in London

I do a lot of freelance work, and lately, well…the well has dried up a bit, so I’ve been living on my cash reserves. Which, when you’re an American in London, it can be pretty crappy having a slim wallet with big pounds (badum-chh). Needing to stretch my money, I have been eating cheap in… Read more »

Lana Del Rey at the Hammersmith Apollo

I guess this is her first UK tour but, really stoked I got to see Lana del Rey in London at the Hammersmith Apollo Theatre yesterday. Eighty minutes of pouting, vulnerable asides between songs, and theatrical antics made the show. I’m glad I got to see her on the 20th of May–I had to stand… Read more »