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Amazing Art Installations 2013

lil bub art gallery

In an effort to continue some of these fun end of the year lists, I decided to put together my list of the most amazing art installations 2013. These are art installations and galleries that continue to inspire and intrigue going into the new year, some of my very favorite. Here we go! Burning of… Read more »

Jet Set Girl: What to Pack for Your Trip

what to wear when traveling on holiday

Ever wondered what bikini fashion choices you should make while on vacation?  I came across this recently and found it may be helpful for folks traveling to warmer climates this summer with what to pack for your trip. What to wear in Ibizia, Egypt, India, Morocco and Brazil!  This was pulled from Debenham’s Blog post:  Holiday… Read more »

Stunning Views From the London Eye

london eye tickets

The London Eye is just shy of being known as the iconic landmark of London, right behind Big Ben. This tourist trap is s little costly but worth the price of admission if for no other reason than to cross another item off the bucket list. There’s also no better way to take in sheer… Read more »

The New Instagram Video App

Facebook bought instagram a while back, and I guess now they’re feeling the heat of popular video sharing apps like Vine and Snapchat. The new Instagram video app is available for download, and will be a part of your normal  feed of people’s vegan meals. Just like the one-frame pictures, you can add filters to… Read more »

Habits You’ll Pick Up On After Living in London

In this series of post I’m going to attempt to document just what to expect if you’re an American moving to London, or even from other places, although I can only draw from my personal experiences. There are some silly habits you’ll pick up on after living in London include: Picking Up the Accent. I’m… Read more »