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Record Shops in Paris

I am mildly obsessed with music. I  love my vinyl record collection–there’s always something really kitsch and exciting when I go to a foreign music shop. What albums will they carry? Who are the employees? So I decided to take a look at some of the best record shops in Paris according to the internet,… Read more »

The Best Bakeries in Paris

Paris has this whole gluttonous urge thing down to a T, besides the heavenly crepes which I have experienced here I have also indulged in my fair share of baked goods. I know I mentioned it previously, but the French croissant is something else, it is truly a feat of shear baking wizardry. Even the… Read more »

Best Crepes In Paris

I’m no stranger to the fine art of creperie, my friends, I have loved these sweet or savory pancakes since I was little and have had my fair share of the French delicacy in my life. Now, I have had the real deal and I’m not sure I can go back to eating anything other… Read more »

Things to do in Paris

Sorry for the last few days without updates, Happy New Year!! Today I wandered around, weaving in and out of streets and into cafes and then into any random little shops. I had a fresh croissant in the morning with my coffee, and it was the most brilliant thing I have ever eaten. If you… Read more »

Russian Tampon Commercial

This just made my life, this Russian Tampon Commercial for Tampax gets right down to the point of why a good feminine product can save your life. Seriously one of the funniest commercials I have ever seen, thank you so much for showing me this, internet, you have made my life complete. I guess there… Read more »