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Paranormal Activity: The Haunted Edinburgh Vaults

Haunted Edinburgh Vaults

I admit, when I first saw that show Ghost Hunters, I got completely sucked in, and kinda maybe paid money to see all the seasons which were out at that time. With a little common sense and few trips to google, I soon realized that my sci-fi channel original series had duped me–or I duped… Read more »

A review of the 2013 London Literature Festival

If you love to read, and you’re looking for an interesting, inspiring, and intellectual playground you may want to check out the 2013 London Literature Festival. Today people such as Barbara Kingsolver were there discussing their new books, and the life of a writer in these changing times. From food bloggers turned authors to seasoned… Read more »

The Woolwich Attack

My heart goes out to Lee Rigby, the solder in the Woolwich neighborhood who was viciously murdered by two Islamic terrorists with meat cleavers. The whole state of London is in shock and sadness over such a random act of cruelty. I hope that the family finds solace in the community coming together over this… Read more »

Eating Cheap in the UK

I’ve already done a few cheap east London type posts, but I’d like to also offer some more widely known health-conscious food choices which include London and the rest of England. In case you don’t know England is different fromt the UK, and the UK is different than the British Isles. Eating cheap in the… Read more »